About Samson Dada

Samson Dada (born December 31, 1991) aspires to work in the media and is a third year student reading BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics at De Montfort University and training for an NCTJ Diploma in Magazine Journalism with Cleland Thom Journalism Training.

He is a contributor to De Montfort University newspaper The Demon where he writes columns about current affairs and interviews local politicians.

Samson won ‘The Best Article Award’ for an interview with Liz Kendall MP published in The Demon

Samson first got involved in newspaper journalism at the age of 13 when he contacted Gerry Sammon, then editor of North and East Manchester Advertiser for advice on breaking into journalism.

The editor replied to his letter praising Samson for his “very entertaining and interesting fictional piece about Homer Simpson becoming the President of the United States.” He ended his letter to Samson by asking him whether he would be “interested in writing a regular column based on a teenager’s perspective of the world.”

Several years later, Samson wrote his first extended piece of writing for the Advertiser entitled: ‘Asylum seekers: Should they be allowed to stay’?

He became the first ever Youth Community Correspondent of the paper after his asylum seekers article received positive comments from Advertiser readers.

In December 2008, he became the youngest ever scholar of the Cleland Thom Journalism Training Mentoring Scheme.

CTJT Course Director Cleland Thom has described him as “having bags of talent, but more importantly, the right attitudes.”

Samson has interviewed politicians including Nick Clegg, Labour MP for Manchester Central Tony Lloyd, and Manchester City Council leader Sir Richard Leese.

His areas of expertise are American presidential campaigns and parliamentary debates in the House of Commons.

Samson’s hobbies and interests are jogging, watching political talk shows like Meet the Press with David Gregory and public speaking.

If you have a story or wish to be interviewed by Samson, do not hesitate to email him at samsondada@gmail.com or leave a message on his website.

Read his published articles by clicking on Article Archive.

12 thoughts on “About Samson Dada

  1. Samson:
    Thank you for visiting my blog writelikeCRAZY:where young writers gather.
    You are an impressive young man with outstanding credentials at such a young age. I will add your blog to my blogroll and encourage my young readers to visit here often. If only today’s youth had more Samsons as their mentor!
    Mary Jo Campbell

  2. Hi Samson

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog! I’m absolutely shocked that you are only 17 and can write the way you do. It’s rare these days to find young people who are so motivated and determined to achieve what they want in life. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Hi Samson,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am new to this whole thing (only 23, but stuck in the past!)so it’s great to know you think I have something of interest to say. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on your future career. If you’re thinking of doing a post-grad degree in journalism later I’d highly recommend City University.



  4. Hi samsondada,

    I just wanted to invite you to participate in a brand new political blogging and social networking tool called http://www.PollBooth.com

    The site is currently closed to the general public, only politicians, journalists and bloggers such as yourself will be invited to join for the time being.

    If you want to join just send an email to request.invite@pollbooth.com including the webaddress of your current blog and if approved I’ll send you an official invitation code allowing you to register on the site.

    I hope to hear from you shortly and if not apologies for contacting you.


  5. Hello and greetings Samson

    Thanks for stopping by my blog http://robert-strobel.com and reading my thoughts and feelings about Zimbabwe.

    You have an amazing ability with words and I think I will enjoy reading your posts. I have added a link on my blog to your page, and if you feel you could do the same for me I’d be grateful.

    Keep up the great work with words Samson. You inspire those of us that do it as a hobby.


    • Thanks very much for your kind words. It was a pleasure to find your site. I agree completely that the media do not always cover the good aspects of issues, but hopefully with the audacity to hope Zimbabwe can be rebuilt.

      I will definitely add your link on my blog.


    • Hi Luis,

      Pleased to discover your blog.

      Maybe we should show each other our latest articles via the WordPress trackback.

      You can read my published articles at samsondada.com/articles


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