You wanna roll with that? Liam’s dinner lady retires

By Samson Dada

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Manchester Evening News

A DINNER lady who cooked for a young Liam Gallagher has retired after 30 years at the same school.

Barbara Hall, 65,  joined St. Bernard’s Primary School in 1981 as the head cook.

She said she remembered the Oasis frontman as a ‘lovely little boy with gorgeous blue eyes who was always smiling.”

Barbara, pictured from Fallowfield, added: “The memories I will take with me are definitely all the children. I can honestly say I’ve liked each one. I’ve never met a child I didn’t like.

”I’ve worked with some wonderful colleagues and will miss the excellent staff and friendly parents.

Barbara, a mother-of-three and grandmother-of-six does not plan to slow down.

She added: ”I will be travelling with my husband to Sri Lanka to visit my son, spend time with family and friends and catching up with some jobs around the house.

Staff payed tribute to Barbara’s work at the school.

Marian Teehan, the Deputy Head said: ”Barbara is a first class professional. She has been exemplary in her dedication to St Bernard’s school over the years.

”Her meals are excellent in terms of their nutrition and flavour.

“And she has that magic ingredient of being calm and capable.”

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